December Mags

Last Friday, I finally took the time to catch up on my magazine reading. I feel like I have just neglected my magazines this semester, because after reading all day long for school, I simply cannot read anymore - even it is my handy Vogue. 
So just wanted to share some magazines I found really great in the month of December.

In British Vogue, loved the Stone Age feature with Lara in all of those amazing gowns. I swear, I find myself more and more just looking like 0_0 at the work of Christian Dior. Not to mention, there are these champagne colored sequin Vuitton peep-toe booties that had me speechless. In V Man, well, it was just hot. I swear, I need to find a gym like that. I would go all the time. And finally, the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker in Elle. I honestly cannot get enough of her. And for the longest time, I never could understand why everyone loved her so much. After becoming a Sex and the City diehard fan, I can say, I get it. 

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