'Do the Naomi Campbell Walk'

It appears Beyonce is not the only one vying to do the Naomi Campbell walk, as reports have surfaced of the supermodel in talks to do a X Factor-style modeling show in the UK. 

“The proposed show would see Campbell take on a group of budding young models, offering them advice and criticism and whittling them down to a winner” reported British Vogue. 

Her spokesperson explained to the Daily Mail, “Naomi has been approached with an offer, which we are talking about and discussing. An initial approach has been made. We are discussing that offer, but nothing is set in stone yet.”

Well I for one am so for this. I have felt for a long time now that Ms. Campbell deserves a platform to train aspiring models. Still going strong after an unfathomable two-decade career in fashion, there is no one better than Naomi.

Plus, what a great break it would be from Tyra Banks sad little ANTM. Aside from Tyra and Miss Jay acting a fool, it has become so predictable and essentially a regular (and bad) reality show.

Naomi is my all time favorite model. Period. No one can do it for me like she can. I’m partially obsessed and could literally talk about her all day long (just ask my friends).

Above, Campbell makes an appearance on Conversations with Carlos Watson. Please note how exuberant, sweet and naturally beautiful she is. She even directs Watson in a mini photo shoot at the beginning and gives him a lesson in how to achieve the signature Naomi Campbell walk. 

Naomi's Next Top Model? [British Vogue]

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