Pour les Garçons

Finally!! Something for us boys! Looks like sister superstars Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte have taken the time to design a line of mens crew neck and cardigan sweaters for Opening Ceremony. The sweaters are très delicate, but look to be pretty damn awesome. As you see, paired with just a white button down and black skinnies... you don't need anything else!

The only factor that threw me is that they're a rather pricey $2706. In college, looking to save up for Miami for Spring Break, and just trying to live, the closest I'll get to these sweaters is exactly where I am now: my laptop. But for any gentleman looking to add some Rodarte to their wardrobe, it appears many are already excited over at Fashionista, so whip out those AMEX Platinum's and werk!
*Happy New Year*


  1. I love the cardigans. Not sure how I feel about the pullover with nothing underneath though... I have considered learning how to knit just so that I could make myself something somewhat similar to the Rodarte knitwear, because there's no way I could afford it!

  2. seems like a very nice collaboration! rodarte is such an ace in unique knits. i love the sweater in the second picture. i wouldn't mind owning that eventhough it is guys' stuff ;)

  3. love the disheveled look of these!