The Arrival

I am truly just a happy little boy this evening. Earlier today, I heard on the radio the SATC 2 trailer would be premiering tonight and look, it is here!! As though it could get any better, it just did. I have already watched the trailer five times and will more than likely refer back to it as the night progresses. The trailer and photos from filming are all after the jump. Enjoy!!
It looks like the girls are in Dubai or Marrakesh - who knows where. Carrie, as always, looks amazing. I die for that train she flaunts when they're on stage. And how about Samantha? She looks fabulous. Whoa... Definitely cannot wait until May 2010 for the film to be in theaters, seriously, cannot wait. 
I know, I know- we all love SATC. But for me, it has really been an amazing series to follow. I picked it up about a year ago, my freshman year in college, when I was struggling with acclimating to my new surroundings. I began purchasing episodes on iTunes and before I knew it, I had the entire series. I would spend entire weekends just absolutely enthralled and engrossed in everything this cast of women gave to me. And New York... Oh, New York... This series is literally an advertisement for this world class city. 
Below are a few photos I snagged from the Sex and the City 2 blog. 

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