It's Monday...

It has really been a fantastic day. I drove into Santa Monica, battled the fact my usual and stress free parking lot was turned into an ice skating rink (so if you're on the corner of Arizona & 5th, you have been warned), and met up with my friend Autumn to have lunch at Wokcano. I had never been, nor had she, and we both loved it. The ambiance was exactly what I love: dark, sleek, and chic.

As you see, Autumn enjoyed her meal. We shared crab wontons and I ordered the Tiger Roll, while she ordered something to do with shrimp tempura. Afterward, I took a walk down to Above the Fold Newsstand on 3rd Street to pick up Vogue Paris and Interview Magazine. I cannot wait to get into them this evening. 

After lunch, I decided to check out Did You Hear About the Morgans? It was so great! One particular scene I loved (without giving away the whole story) was when SJP and Hugh Grant were outside gazing into the sky, they began to recite their marriage vows and it was just a special moment you felt they were connecting again and rekindling the love they had lost. I can now cross that one off my list and hope to see It's Complicated and NINE very soon.

Driving home down PCH was certainly a highlight of the day. There was no traffic and it just reminded me how lucky I was to live in Southern California. This isn't the best picture (I wasn't intending to do this entry when I took the photo), but when I looked over driving down the onramp, I had to capture the moment.

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