Triumph Magazine

For my Intro to Visual Media class, we were asked to create a print publication, photographic essay or video production as our final project. My group chose to do a print publication, Triumph Magazine, which is a lifestyle magazine for those interested in fashion, love, arts and culture. Basically, it's a little bit of something for everyone!
I was the group leader and in charge of the covers and ads while each group member was responsible for his or her article. I also had the opportunity to write the feature story, The Glam Squad, which was an absolute thrill. I opened with how inspired I was, truly, after learning about the life of Stephen Sprouse, into the love I have for Supermodels (notably The Trinity: Naomi, Linda, and Christy), and concluding with the respect and admiration I have for Steven Meisel and Yves Saint Laurent. I think it's a great piece which really encompasses a message of hard work and overcoming adversity to reaching the success one envisions for oneself in life, all the while remaining glamorous, of course

I don't have the rest of the groups pages, however, here are the pages I personally created and wrote (along with the cover above) and I do hope you enjoy. :)

[Editor's Letter]

[Opening page of my feature story]

[Page 1]

[Page 2]

[Finale page]

[Back Cover]

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