Pre-Fall Extravaganza

The Pre-Fall 2010 collections are honestly giving me fashion fever. Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Nina Ricci have rounded out the season with amazingly chic collections outfitted for woman I hope one day to meet.
I have a meeting right now for my school newspaper, The Hampton Script, but I just wanted to make this entry before I left. This is precisely what I love about fashion though. In lieu of all such economic crisis and just sadness across the world, this industry steadily keeps our hopes alive with these creations that when shown, all one can do is smile. (At least for me).
When houses part of not jut fashion history, but world history, like Versace are considering closing their US Press offices, you know we’re in bad times. However, one must wonder why Chanel, which, to my knowledge, is one of the wealthiest houses ever, has had to let 200 employees go.
Either way, gazing into the screen of my laptop here in the dark of my dorm room, I so hope for the days I can see Elsa Sylvan sashay past me in a Lanvin stunner as in the photo above a la Joe Zee (Elle) or Nicole Phelps (Vogue).
So ladies, start saving, because Fall 2010 will be one very glamorous season. 

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